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A new world awaits you

A world full of dangers and adventures, heroes and villains, war and art, economy and labor. Here you can become a noble warrior or a ruthless killer, a trader or a craftsman, or you can just wander around the world and enjoy the singing of birds. In any case, the world is waiting for you...

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Many innovations and unique things

Our world is not like the others. We strive to create interesting and exciting gameplay in all directions-PVE, PVP, crafting, quests, events and tournaments.

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The monsters are waiting for you...

On WatchTower you will meet countless of the most unusual monsters and beasts. Some of them will cause a lot of trouble, and some will give a lot of fun. One way or another battles with monsters will make your character stronger and open the way to wealth and prosperity

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"- Hey! Who was that?
- I know who he must be..."

In our world there is no boundaries for choosing a class and profession for your character. You do your character as you please. You train skills, develop strength agility intelligence, dress and learn additional abilities. Your game and your priorities will make you unique...

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